Open Arms Midwifery

Open Arms Midwifery, LLC is a comprehensive midwifery practice providing prenatal care, home birth and postpartum care to families in the Madison area.   Pregnancy and birth present a unique journey for each family, and we invite you to join us as equal partners in guiding your healthcare throughout that journey.

More and more women are choosing home birth as an alternative to the medicalized, impersonal approach found in the hospital.  Research supports what midwives and mothers have known for years: home birth is a safe, low-intervention way to bring a baby into the world.

Moreover, when there is high quality, personalized, comprehensive care at a birth, women are empowered and families have a great birth experience. Every woman has the right to choose where and how she gives birth.  We empower you to choose the birth setting that best matches your values, your needs, and your wisdom.

We hope the following pages will get you acquainted with services that Open Arms Midwifery, LLC offers and answer your questions about home birth.

Open Arms Midwifery, LLC